LitaKino Featured Me For Her New Friday Feature! Yahoo!

Hey everyone, check out the new Friday feature that LitaKinoAnimeCorner is rolling out!

I got the pleasure of being interviewed by her for it, so make sure you check it out & show her some support! It’s always so nice to be featured, so I’m super thankful to be included! It truly means a lot to me.

I was just gushing on Twitter earlier in the week about how this blogging community is so supportive and we all do so much to lift each other up, and this right here’s a perfect example. Big ups to LitaKino for all she does in the anime/blogging community & for giving the new kids a spotlight 🙂 Make sure to look out for her Friday featured in the future so you can find out about other bloggers, too!

Friday features won’t be the same from now on. It’s all about even more the sparkling bloggers in this community. This time have a cool cat blogger to introduce you too, with much spunk factor.

via It’s A Jen Lit Friday Feature !! — LitaKinoAnimeCorner


One thought on “LitaKino Featured Me For Her New Friday Feature! Yahoo!

  1. Jennifer,

    I just read the whole interview, and must I say, you were spectacular!!!

    Jeez, not too long into the blogging scene and already people are clamoring to get to interview ya? I can see it now, the autographs, the panels, the Q&A sessions, the rabid fanboys and fangirls. This whole thing was amazing to witness.

    Your interview I absolutely understood and can relate to. Like you, I pretty much got my start with recognizing the existence and name of anime through Adult Swim and often found it to be something I only consciously thought about at nights when the block was on. I was never really able to talk much about it with the outside world because so many were closeted fans. These days, ASMR tends to fill that role now and there are just so many more avenues to share the passion of this great medium.

    My favorite part of the interview was hands down where you opened up about how the medium was a part of how you eventually came to terms with your sexuality. Its absolutrly inspiring to see people like you use their experience to better understand and accept themselves. Even more amazing is thinking about the chain reaction web at play at it all. That someone came to the directing helm of Utena and utitlized his passion and vision. And that vision led to people watching and loving it, leading to you watching and loving it. And finally you were able to take pride in an inportant part of yourself.

    You mentioned there too that you very much want to do video reviews and editorials. I implore you to talk to @jackuts on twitter about that. He can give you some great pointers. He is incredibly, incredibly approachable and kind as well. If needed ask him if you could DM him, and he can follow you to do so. Tell him “someone who still considers him the best Anituber and Eupho and Kumiko lover” sent ya.

    And lastly, and this is more of
    my own two cents. You mentioned that you originally started off trying to do as objective editiorials as you could at the beginning, though your more opinionated pieces eventually won over both your audience and your own preferences. That is something that has pretty much happened with me too overtime. Its mainly the reason why I no longer rate objectively but rather on personal enjoyment, with the fundamental elements like presentation and soundtrack being cherries on top. Definitely something I have observed over time with reviews, written or otherwise is that those who have had taken a more subjective angle at a show like yourself have been able to refine their style over time and incorporate a more objective feel to it. Basically, they were able to make a nicely balanced piece of their thoughts and the show’s elements. The objective points such as discussion of the quality of the score definitely makes the entry level for the video higher for those who do not necessarily know too much about the topic. While the subjective points increase the personal feel and style of the whole thing, if that all makes sense. And together, the objective and subjective complement each other.

    Point is, I definitely feel that you also will be able to reach that point of balance, which can take your videos to even greater heights. Just keep writing and rambling. And eventually your definitve style will stick. This I believe in.

    Anyway, I have rambled enough. As always, listening, or in this case reading your words has been a massive joy. Keep writing, and keep smiling.

    -someone who you do not know


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