Mystery Blogger Award Beach Episode!

Wowee, it’s me, the mystery blogger! I’m always thankful to be nominated, 50% because “HELL YEAH RECOGNITION!!!” and 50% because “oh, cool, that’ll fill in some gaps in my content.” Heheheh.

Anyways, I was kindly nominated for this award by Fueled By Smiling, who makes me smile with every blog post. They’re always putting a unique spin on their posts, and I appreciate the creativity. Once you see these questions I’m answering, you’ll know exactly what kinda creativity I’m talking about, haha. So check them out if you haven’t already!


  • Display the award logo on your blog.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link.
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  • Answer 5 questions from the nominee.
  • Nominate 10 bloggers.
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice.

Alright, so three things about myself. Here we go. Uhhh. I’m wracking my brain here and it’s really hard to think of three things on the spot. Uhhhhh.

  1. I got sent to the principal’s office in first grade because I showed a classmate a picture of Venus de Milo because I thought it was funny she had boobs. My teacher was really mad, but my principal thought it was funny, so I didn’t get in trouble.
  2. When I was little, I had a crush on Mandy Moore. And Britney Spears, too. And then later I went through my emo phase and had a crush on Pete Wentz.
  3. I think horses are scary. Their eyes look dead and soulless. That’s why I’m not watching the horse girl anime – I refuse to believe these beasts could ever be moe. 

Well, I don’t know why you would want to know these things about me, but there you go. Now, onto these questions from my nominee. I read ahead a little bit and it looks like I’m going on a cruise! Hopefully to a nice beach…the weather has been really shitty here. I hope I don’t end up getting stranded on an island or something, but if I do, it’ll be fine because I used to play Lost in Blue on my Nintendo DS, so I totally know how to survive.


1. You were able to snag tickets to a two month all expenses paid for cruise that goes all around the world! Not only will you enjoy life on the cruise, but you’ll also make rest stops at the hottest locations. You tell all of your friends and family and while they’re jealous, they are also happy that you get to experience this. I’m even jealous and I’m writing the question. So here’s your first one, what is the first thing that you pack?

Um, the first thing I pack is my Nintendo DS, with Lost in Blue inside, in case the cruise ship goes down on a deserted island and I forget all the survival skills I picked up.

2. As you get to the port the ship is even bigger than you imagined. The name is Treemaster 5000, which sounds more like the name of an elliptical than a ship, but you’re not going to question it. You witness crowds upon crowds of people getting ready to go inside and the excitement hypes you up even more. Maybe you’ll even say, “This trip is going to be awesome!” Someone comes up to you and asks if you’re going on the cruise. You look up and notice that they kind of look like a young Leonardo DiCaprio. You smile and answer, “Yes, can you believe it!”

“Wow,” they reply, “That’s crazy!” Before you can say “This is going to be the best trip ever!” They mug you and run off. Ouch. So what are you going to do now?

There’s no way I’m going to let this Great Gatsby looking motherfucker steal my stuff! I chase after him, obviously...oops, I read ahead. I, uh, intuitively realize that I won’t be able to catch him so, um, I call the police instead. According to them, there are a lot of Leonardo DiCaprio look-a-likes in the area, so they’ll never be able to track him down. Damn. Luckily, I know to always keep my Nintendo DS in my bra for safe keeping, so I at least I still have that…

3. You can’t seem to catch them, but no matter. They may have taken your suitcase, but you still have your tickets. A friend of yours recommended taping the ticket, your passport, and $500 on your chest as a means to protect them from petty thieves. I guess they knew what they were talking about, because you’re still able to go on the trip! You’ll have to thank them when you get back home. You walk over to the ship and hand over your ticket. You may not have your camera, or underwear, or an extra pair of socks, but this will still be the best trip ever! When the ship’s hand looks you over, he makes a comment about how you’re traveling light. What do you say to him?

I tell him that I’ve been mugged by a Leonardo DiCaprio look-a-like and he says, “me too! It happens to everyone around here!” We laugh for a moment, but then he goes silent. “Those handsome bastards are the bane of our existence. Every night, the Leo doppelgangers sneak into our homes and steal all that we have. Every cent, every crumb. We haven’t eaten a decent meal since ’96…anyways, here’s your ticket! Enjoy the cruise!”

4. It’s been 10 days and the trip is everything that you’ve dreamed about and more. On the 11th day you decide to do some sunbathing and notice your mugger on the ship. The nerve of that lookalike! He stole your stuff even though he was also going on the trip. You decide to follow him and notice that he slips into a room with some redhead. You open the door and see him drawing a topless picture. The strange thing is that you’re a budding artist and from what you can tell he has trouble with stick figures. You’re about to storm in when the half naked redhead laughs and says, “Oh [Your name] is there anything that you can’t do?” What’s this? This dastardly fellow is using your name to flirt with other people. What do you do about this?

Hey, and I’m a redhead, too! The nerve! He’s pretending to be me and making me look super conceited while he does it! I would never bring back another redhead girl to my room! Except, I figure if this girl is really dumb enough to think this man is named Jennifer, like me, she probably isn’t worth my time. I’ll just let this guy do his thing. I’m trying to relax. I don’t have time for this on my vacation.

5. Unfortunately for you, a giant mangrove tree hit the cruise ship and it’s now going down. Why were you in a place with mangrove trees? Maybe the captain saw the trees and got transfixed by their beauty and maybe the person asking you these questions didn’t want to go the cliché route and mention an iceberg. What matters is that your cruise ship is sinking and it’s sinking fast. People are jumping out of the ship in droves and life boats are dropping as well. The water isn’t as deep or cold as the ocean, but there are a lot of crocodiles and caiman and man eating catfish in this area. You manage to get yourself on a boat, which is more than a lot of people can say. You may be shipwrecked, but at least you have a cool story to tell.

That’s when you notice your mugger in the water as his redheaded lover sits on top of a large paint canvas. He’s mumbling about how he’ll never let go, but she’s having none of it. “You can’t even draw stick figures!” You hear her yell. “How dare you lie to me. You can go drown for all I care!”

The only problem is that the water he’s in isn’t that deep and he can easily swim over to safety. The entire exchange is kind of insane, but thrilling to watch as well. So here is your final question, since this one ended up a bit too long: What do you think of the movie Titanic? And what is your favourite and least favourite parts of the movie?

I think I would have liked Titanic more if it was actually more like this series of questions. Um, my least favorite part was that it was three hours long, and my favorite part was when it was over.

Wow, that was a wild ride. It didn’t exactly go where I expected, but I feel like I should’ve seen the Titanic stuff coming. I guess I never got to the beach…

I’m um. I’m bad at nominating people because I feel like I nominate the same people every time, and I feel weird nominating people sometimes because I know a lot of y’all have a huge backlog of award posts. So, um, I’m gonna cop out and say – you’re all nominated, because I get anxious about tagging! If we follow each other than I love you and think you deserve all the awards!


Anyways, here are five questions for you to answer, if you so choose.

  • Who was a celebrity you used to have a crush on when you were little?
  • How do YOU feel about horses?
  • What’s your favorite guilty pleasure song?
  • What’s your favorite seasonal right now?
  • Is anyone really going to answer these questions if I’m not actually tagging them and making them feel obligated to?





4 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award Beach Episode!

  1. Those were great facts…(especially that gr.1 story). I love your questions and would totally like to answer them, but as you said, it’s kind of hard taking on another award nomination when we have backlogs. I can tell you that I feel neutral about horses and am enjoying Wotakoi and Steins;Gate 0 (if that’s what you mean by seasonal)!


  2. If it helps, I didn’t like Titanic either. I watched it as a kid and I just couldn’t understand how someone could fall in love that quickly. Even now I can’t believe it lol.

    If the horses were bishie horses, would that help?

    Liked by 1 person

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